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The Making of FIKISHA


Meet Johnny. Johnny is a street youth participating in FIKISHA’s Program Days. He doesn’t know anything about his family or even how old he is. He started living on the streets when he was a little kid. He also began using drugs then. He sleeps on the streets. He eats from the trash of the streets. He’s never been to school.

FIKISHA is working to change that. We want Johnny to live in a house. We want him to sleep in a comfortable bed. We want him to eat nutritious food and to learn how to write his name. We even want him to have a job one day.

Because we know Johnny is capable of all these things and deserves them.

Johnny has never been late to a rehabilitation session. He likes to draw and is a fantastic dancer!

Street life is for the strong, but the drugs…

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Kenya is estimated to host more than 300,000 children and youth on the street who engage in survival tactics that endanger their well being and that of the society.


“Most of them are abused neglected exposed to criminal and gang activities suffer poor health due to  lifestyles and exposure to harsh environment,drug and substance abuse and exposure to HIV/AIDS infection”,The large numbers of Street Kids who live and work in the streets is a reflection of some most intractable development challenges of society.lack of proper education and Family guidance in upbringing.. Friends let join our hands together praying and support FIKISHA TO HELP THE KIDS STEP TOWARDS CHANGE..

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Let’s Pray for Johnny

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Meet Johnny, of all the streetboys that we are working with at FIKISHA,Fikisha Kenya he’s the most affected one. According to his friends he started using drugs when he was 6. He doesn’t know his age, doesn’t know his parents names, where they are or where they went. he can’t even tell if he has ever had a brother or sister. Since 6 years, he has been living and sleeping on the streets, he has been rained on, he has escaped all the dangers of the night. He eats and dine from dustbins. He haven’t been to any school.

All this needs to change, we need to bring him back to normal, we need to assist him remember things which are important to his life; we need help him start living in a house and sleeping in a comfortable bed just as most of us does; we need to help him decent food and maybe decent job. At least we need him to learn how to write his name.


I know that all this is possible, because he has never missed the Rehabilitation Sessions, he comes early all the time on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sunday. I once discovered that he loved to draw and by the way he loves dancing.

One way of helping him is by admitting him to a drug rehabilitation centre, to be detoxicated and assisted to improve his life. I love him so much and I wouldn’t let him die on the street as I’ve witnessed a number of his friends passing away.

Street life is for the strong, but he’s already so week, he can’t protect himself incase any dangers emerges.

As I’m writing this, I’m googling some of the available Rehab Centres in Kenya, incase you have an idea please let me know. If you are interested in helping us to help Jonny please contact me on, or


Meanwhile let’s pray for Johnny for God to continue protecting and providing for him.

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The Making of FIKISHA

Remember when we raised 3xs the amount needed to give FIKISHA Kenya the greatest “A Kawangware Christmas” yet?

Well the surprise celebration was absolutely FANTSTIC! Jingle bells. Christmas carols. And of course, presents! Each street youth received clean clothes and new shoes along with a holiday meal. There were also achievement awards for everyone!

They danced. They sang. They rejoiced in the birth of our Savior- and YOU helped make it happen!


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