The Miracle Boys

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

We don’t call them street boys. We don’t even call them homeless boys. To us, they are miracle boys. Each and every one of them is important and precious, unique creation and a child of God. Life has not been good to them, they have seen the dark side, some of them from a very young age. To them, the world is a jungle, a constant struggle for survival. They are rejected, pushed away, regarded as trouble… But not in our congregation. Our project with these boys is called ”Fikisha” – it’s a Swahili word meaning ”enable someone to reach a desired destination.” With the Fikisha project we want to be helping these boys to reach a better future.


They are Champions

Within our project, there are around 30 boys between the ages eight and 27 who have ended up in the streets for different reasons. Our youth volunteers go looking for them, speaking to them in their environment: the streets. The boys are invited to come to the church, where they have the possibility of washing their clothes and showering. Twice a week the boys are also offered different activities: games and teaching. The teaching is centered around life questions, guiding the boys to stay away from drugs, advising them in their decisions etc. All the boys have a specific person assigned as their mentor. With the mentor the boy can share his problems and get individual guidance and counseling. The goal of the mentoring is enabling the boys to take responsibility for themselves in a positive way. Some success stories have been seen: our miracle boys have been able to rise above their difficulties and get ahead in life. Some have continued in school, others have found jobs. Also the families of the boys have been responding well, accepting the thrown-out boy and keeping in touch.

On Sundays the boys gather to a special christian fellowship of their own. Many of them fear participating the normal sunday service, scared of rejection and the reactions of other people. Their own fellowship is a place for them to be safe, be accepted as who they are.

Living in the slums means a lot of pressure. Especially for the young people making decisions that will affect their lives for years, peer influence might steer them to the wrong direction. That’s why it is crucially important that at the congregation we have an active youth group working with their age-mates, serving as positive examples and role models, guiding and supporting the young people. The young people living the hard lives need someone who has been through the same to tell them they can survive. One of our youth volunteers said it very well: ”These boys need love. They need someone to accept them. Sitting down and talking with them, trusting them, can have a big impact on them. They really respond to that. We are here to share the love and the hope.”

The five boys who are back in school with their mentors

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