Amazing Christmas Gift

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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By Moses Aboka

Christmas in Kenya is a time to join and be with the extended families. People travel from all over the country to meet at grandfather or grandmothers place. This is the time when we would be sited down on the floor; legs crossed while attentively gazing at our grandfather as he narrated old folk stories. It was the best time to meet most of my cousins and get accustomed to most of my relatives that I didn’t know.

It was the best time of the year when all would come together in common bond across the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It was a time to be dressed in new clothes, have the best meals, go to church and sing some Christmas choral.

But as I recapture my previous Christmas I remember what Christmas is to street boys in Kawangware. A few kilometers from them Nairobi City is alive, decorated with twinkling lights and pictures of Father Christmas. For them they’ll be dressed in rugged clothes without definite colors, their shoes with toes left out to bare the scorching heat by day and the cold of the night.  They’ll be no entertainment, no new clothes, no close families and even some will never sing any Christmas choral.

Paul Kariuki while he was still on the streets

For the FIKISHA boys life was like this the last Christmas, they spent it out in the colds. But this time round Christmas has got a new meaning. It has brought new gifts. About 40 boys had a nice meal on the eve of Christmas, after that they were given clean clothes which were donated by friends. Besides, Paul Kariuki, Paul Irungu and Joseph Issah have been hosted by one family in Nakuru for a holiday. They’ll be able to see Lake Nakuru, the flamingos, The Rift Valley and Menengai Crater. Later own they experience amazing three days holiday in Mombasa – costal side of Kenya. “I have a short to swim at India Ocean” Said Paul Irungu “I have learnt about India Ocean at school and I’m so glad that I’ll be there to see it” He added. Elvis Kabue was invited by her grandmother at their rural place near Mt. Kenya, it’s been several years since joining their extended family. “I’m so happy that nowadays because I’m clean and doesn’t take drugs everyone wants to be with me” said Elvis. For Isaac Makati there’s a possibility that he might travel to Kisumu, he’ll be able to see Lake Victoria and have the opportunity to be with a large family as well.

From left to right: Paul Kariuki, Isaac Makati, Paul Irungu and Joseph Issah having good time after their baptism.

Before joining FIKISHA the only family that they knew was their brothers from the streets. But right now God has provided them with amazing gifts of families across the globe.

Through the birth of Jesus Christ we have become one BIG FAMILY.

Krismasi Njema na Mwaka Mpya ya Furaha

– Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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