Family Reunion

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

By the beginning of this year we transferred three of our FIKISHA BOYS to Josnem Academy Boarding School in Nakuru which is about 200kms from Nairobi. Being the first kids at FIKISHA HOUSE -(A house for preparing the boys who are from Street to School)- we had spent almost one year with them from day to day. The idea of parting with them was so hard for us to bear, but by the end of the day a boarding school was the best option compared to a day school that they had been attending while in Nairobi.

The boys on their way to Josnem Academy

On 12th February 2011, one and a half months later, we left Nairobi very early in the morning eager to be reunited with the boys during the schools parents and visitation day.  We had so much fun with them as they kept talking about how they are doing at the school, we were also amazed to learn from the teachers that their performance were improving.

Paul Irungu told us that he missed playing table tennis at home, Paul Kariuki was already recruited in the school volleyball team while Joseph Issah spoke of great friends that he had made at the school.

Here are some of the pictures of the day.

On our way to the school we saw the beautiful Lake Elementaita

We also passed close to Mt. Longonot

Time for Lunch

a group photo with the boys

The school compound

Having a chat with the teachers

Mentors Francis Ogot and James Mchunguzi having a short sleep in the car on our way back.


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