The Garden

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi Guys! Fikisha Finally has a vegetable garden. The garden was an initiative of one of the Fikisha Mentors, Miracle Boys and Concordia University Irvine student who last year were with Fikisha during their school Around The World trip in Kenya.

During Rehabilitation Program we have been preparing some sweet lunch of  sukumawiki (kales) and spinach from the garden. Every Tuesday and Friday we meet with a group of 30 boys; play with them some games, speak about life issues and how they can recover from drug abuse, and share a plate of food with them.

Considering that food prices in Kenya have risen by almost 25%, this has made it much more difficult  for street families to access one meal per day. Having the vegetable garden is a one step towards sustainable food source. The food budget at FIKISHA will ultimately reduce, besides, some of the vegetables can be sold and the proceeds used to cater for cooking oil, ugali flour and other needs that might arise.

Here are some pictures taken during the day, you can follow them to know how to prepare sukumawiki (kales) and ugali.

Some of the FIKISHA boys while the seedlings were still in the nursery bed

I’m in love with the FIKISHA Garden! This is where the boys practice patience, love and care.  I’m always so happy whenever I see them watering and taking care of the vegetables.

  1. max odongo says:

    this is very encouraging to proud to work with FIKISHA and being part of the steps towards change

  2. Debbie says:

    Love to see anybody doing some gardening. Great Job boys!! We pray for you often and will continue to pray that God multiplies your garden seven-fold.

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