Rest in Peace Elvis Kabue

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We are sad to announce the sudden death of Elvis Kabue. He was shot dead by the police yesterday at night just some few Kilometers from Kawangware.

Elvis Kabue was one of the first FIKISHA boys to be rehabilitated from the streets and reintegrated back to their family.  During his death, Elvis was waiting to receive the results of the just concluded Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. He decided to go back to school after a period of more than 9 years out of school. He struggled so much to realize his dreams and goals, and it’s with sad note that his dreams and goals were cut short by the bullets.

For the past one week, Elvis was serving the Kawangware Community at the Medical Camp which was held at Kawangware Lutheran Church from 14th – 19th November 2010. He assisted more than thousands who came at the Eye Clinic. Most of the patients were amazed to see him serving them. They couldn’t believe that a street boy could change so rapid and be so much important to the community. After the eye clinic, he received his Certificate of Appreciation from the LCMS Ablaze Kenyan Team Leader.

Moments later he went back home, and told his parents that he was going to visit his friends. We aren’t sure why he was killed or how it was done, but all that we found out from City Mortuary is that he and his two friends were shot several times by the police. We are working together with the police and the local administration to find out what happened.

May God grant their family and his FIKISHA friends’ Peace at this sad moment.

Elvis Kabue sitting third from left with other FIKISHA kids

Elvis Kabue doing what he liked best

  1. Pam says:

    I am praying, but I am also very, very sad and angry at such injustice. How can this continue to happen? Praying for that peace which passes all understanding at a time when only God can give that peace.

  2. 360kenyan says:

    whatt….am sorry guys.
    May He Rest in Peace

  3. […] om noko som har skjedd med ein av FIKISHA gutane. Viss du er interesert i å lese meir kan du sjå her. Og bøn er eit sterkt verkemiddel, å eg kan skriva under på at både dei andre i FIKISHA og eg […]

  4. dan says:

    he will be missed by all who knew him, what a sorrowful day… RIP Elvis

  5. Thank you all for your messages of comfort and prayers!

  6. Courtney says:

    wow. . .Thanks for sharing guys. This is so sad to hear.

  7. wekesaedison says:

    It’s really sad to hear this, my heart goes out to the entire FIKISHA Community and I pray that God strengthen your souls during this hard moment. RIP Elvis.

  8. shicx says:

    What!!! this isnt good .may the almighty God grant his family friends and all that knew him enough courace ,grace and strength to carry on …..but this has to stop the police are supposed to protect ,and correct not take away lives we need to pray for our forces!!!

  9. Hellen Mwende says:

    It is sad for such a young boy to die. what has become of our country? I pray that justice will prevail one day. May the Lord comfort this and the fikisha family. i may not know the boy personally but being a product of ungwaro am saddened by his death.

    peace be with u.

  10. Dave DeVore says:

    Your friends at Redeemer in Austin, Texas were very saddened to hear the news about our friend Elvis. We are praying for his family and all of you who knew and loved him. We are strengthened by the assurance that we will be with Elvis once again, with no more pain and no more tears, thanks to Jesus’ Easter victory.

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