How to make it a memorable Christmas

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What makes Christmas more memorable to you? Is it the snow or the Christmas corals, or an image of Santa Claus? When I was a kid I couldn’t imagine celebrating Christmas without eating some kuku (chicken) and chapatis. Then I would bounce around the neighborhood in my new clothing, with the blaring sounds of Silent Night, Jingle Bells serenading the environment.  I couldn’t understand why we had to travel far to meet with almost all my family members, but come every Christmas time I knew that mummy and daddy wanted us to meet our extended family and I loved the good times that we shared together as a family.

That will not be the case, for few kids within Kawangware slums who’ll be spending their Christmas eve on the chilly night on empty stomach, not because they want to but because they have no choice – they are abandoned, orphaned, or disowned by their parent; their homes do not or cannot provide them with basic necessities.  This is one of the hardest moments for these kids in the year. It makes their desperation and needs real. It proves to them that they are a little bit less than anybody else.

But we can make the difference and enable them realize that through Christ birth they are worth no less or no more than you and me.  On 23rd December 2011, FIKISHA we’ll be pulling a surprise party for the street children, and we need your assistance to make the day joyful and successful.

  1. Support the budget by either donating clothing or food stuff. There’s nothing as good as a warm food and clean clothes during Christmas period.
  2. Maybe you cannot provide them with accommodation but you can offer them a blanket to cover themselves on the streets. A simple blanket or sleeping bag roughly costs 1000kshs or 10 USD. Or if you are within Nairobi you can give us a call on +254-725-445-068 and we’ll come to  pick it
  3. For the kids in school, you can fund what they really need like school supplies, text books, school uniform and or support the ones who are still on the streets and want to go back to school.
  4. Why not host them for lunch or dinner? You have an option of dinning with the ones in street or the ones who are fully rehabilitated.
  5. Letter does wonders J write a letter, just to let them know how much people care for them. You can post it on our blog, on facebook or just post it to or we’ll make sure that they have it.
  6. Yes, you can add your own ways of making Christmas memorable to this article. Or send us an email on the above addresses.

By Moses Aboka

  1. Hey Moses, did Rashid get my letter? 😀

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