Achievements and Future Plans


  • Supported 19kids to go back to formal education.
  • Acquired preparation room for boys who are ready to go back to school
  • Construction of Shower Block in partnership with Heart-to-Heart Orphan Children Centre
  • Established mentorship program whereby all the 40 boys have specific


  • Created two days rehabilitation program meant to change the boys negative habits while providing them with opportunities to gain life skills, human skills and other skills that would be necessary for their personal development
  • Reconnected some boys with their families
  • Transformed some boys into independent and responsible individuals
  • Established legal aid and advocacy programs.
  • Building partnership with community and government/non-governmental institutions.
  • Baptism for FIKISHA Miracle Boys

Future Plans

  • Supporting more boys to go back to formal school
  • Offering technical and vocational trainings to the older boys
  • Involve and empower the community
  • Having foster families
  • Establish Income Generating Activities for self-reliance and  sustainability.
  • Increase resource mobilization activities, locally and internationally.
  • Own a rehabilitation centre

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