Fikisha Families

The Fikisha Boys don’t have families, the majority are orphaned, with no education, no food, no clean clothing and no  place to sleep.

Fikisha Families aims to provide the boy with families from across the globe.

A family can include:

  • An actual family
  • A class of student
  • A  youth group
  • A small group
  • A church congregation
  • A business group
  • A sports team
  • A business team
  • A body friends
  • A organization

A family would be committed to:

  1. Pray for the boys
  2. Send the boys package and letters
  3. Be in contact with the boys
  4. Give USD 555 per year, or after every three months.

The USD 555 would go towards the Street Scholar Fund. A Scholarship program that gets the boys into  boarding school with education, a place to sleep and 3 meals per day.

We are always looking for people to get involved! Please contact us if you would like to partner, serve as an advisor, help us access grants, provide opportunities for the boys or access forums to tell our stories.’



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