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Kenya is estimated to host more than 300,000 children and youth on the street who engage in survival tactics that endanger their well being and that of the society.


“Most of them are abused neglected exposed to criminal and gang activities suffer poor health due to  lifestyles and exposure to harsh environment,drug and substance abuse and exposure to HIV/AIDS infection”,The large numbers of Street Kids who live and work in the streets is a reflection of some most intractable development challenges of society.lack of proper education and Family guidance in upbringing.. Friends let join our hands together praying and support FIKISHA TO HELP THE KIDS STEP TOWARDS CHANGE..


Street child is a term used for a homeless child residing in the streets of a city (typically in a developing country). In most of the cases they have no adult supervision or care. They are often subject to abuse, neglect, exploitation, or in extreme cases, murder by “cleanup squads” hired by local business or police. (Refer to Wikipedia).

In every developing country the rights of the children is well respected, but the same does not apply when it comes to street children. This clearly indicates how they are ignored, not only with their families, but also by the government policies.

A group of street children and youth at where they sleep and spend most of their time

The general community has the perception that street children are lazy individuals who depends on handouts. But this is not the reality as most of them stay awake at night until the streets are clear and soundless.If they are lucky to close their eyes, then their minds have to stay alert, to dodge the police who come battering at night or the older street youths who take advantage of darkness to sexually molest them.  When it rains at night they cuddle themselves together, or sleep standing with their feet soaking in the cold water.  Before they can take a nap, the sound of the hooting cars wakes them up at 4am. Soon they grab their rucksack and head to the garbage to look for something to eat or sell.

The rising sun doesn’t give them hope to realize their dreams. It only enable them to watch helplessly as other kids go to school, while their own lives erodes by every single shot of harmful drugs that are taking.

One of the mentors, with the street kids at FIKISHA during anti-drug session

At FIKISHA we are changing this. We are rehabilitating from a lifestyle of drug abuse through anti-drug education and supporting the abandonment of any harmful substance. Besides, we are reconnecting willing street children and youth with stable family members. Our core focus area is to assist towards a sustainable future by providing education opportunity.

We desire to spread love and care to as many street children as possible, but we can’t reach this goal without your support.

We are asking you to:

–          Support a street child to go back to school. (Through the Street Scholarship we have supported 19 children from streets and    back to school)

–          Support the Drug Addiction Recovery Program.

–          Support the Family Tracing and Reintegration Program.

–          Donate food, clothes, soaps and detergents.

–          Volunteer or be an Intern for as long as you desire.

–          Commit to prayer the needs of this organization and how they might be filled

For more information, please get in touch with us at  (Kenya) or (USA)

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By Moses Aboka


Please pray for peace and protection for the FIKISHA boys who are still on the streets. Today we spoke with most of them, and they have so much anger within them, they are planning to revenge but as you know, this might make things worse.

Pray that God will give Victor peace within his heart. He had known Sergeant since 2005. When he joined the street Sergeant was the first person to give him a place to sleep, and before Sergeant death they were together. He’s deeply disturbed.

Pray for FIKISHA mentors that God will give us the wisdom to tackle the issue of insecurity in the streets in a better way. From the looks of things, things haven’t cooled down and maybe there might be another attack in the coming days.

Pray for the safety of Santa, he’s the one who mentioned that he knew who killed Samuel Iruri “Sergeant” and since then, his where about are unknown.

Pray that the mentors will be able to locate Samuel family so as to continue with the funeral/burial arrangements.

Above all, ask God to provide a safe place for the miracle boys who are still on the streets.

Moses Aboka

By Moses Aboka

He entered the rehabilitation room silently and took a seat at the corner. Perhaps not wanting anyone to recognize his presence, but his over sized tattered jacket drew more attention than his deep innocent eyes. He seemed not to be moved or destructed by different kinds of noises that were coming from the other miracle boys. Instead, he would sneak a look, quickly pull out his bottle of glue and sniff it, then give a fake smile maybe because of the influence of the drug or because the boys made a very funny joke.

I was surprised to learn that this 11 yrs old fugitive had escaped from home to come and search for his biological father within the slums of Kawangware. He fled from home after his step- father tried to kill him, the scars at his body clearly explaining the kind of torture that he had undergone.  But how was this small kid going to trace his real father in Mathare slum with a population of about 500000 people? How was he going to find him, while before they separated he was still a toddler? But the fact that he had escaped from home, hopping on different on buses for a distance as long as  200 kms proved how determined he was.

When I asked him if he was ready to go back home instead of sleeping in the streets, he looked down and answered in a silent tone. “It’s better if I sleep in the street with my friends than be killed at home”. When FIKISHA got a street scholarship opportunity we considered him and since then, the results have been amazing. The joy and smile have slowly been returned to his face and his performance at school is above average.

Early this month we decided to trace back his family and re-integrate them.  This was after he had been away from home for close to 5 years.  None amongst us knew the exact direction to the place. Beside, we weren’t sure if we’ll be welcomed or kicked away.  My greatest fear was whether or not their family would release him to come back and continue with school. All in all, we decided to make the trip and inform them that their son was fine.

Group of mentors trying to locate Daniels* home

During our journey, we missed the route twice. On one occasion missing the main route by more than  5 kms, but by the grace of God we arrived and her mum was shocked to see him. She couldn’t believe that his son was back. After searching for him in almost all the possible places that she could think of, she loosed hope and thought that he had died. “Although I always thought that my son had died, I kept asking God to bring Daniel* safely home.” She repeatedly said with tears dropping down her face. To our amazement her mum could tell the exact time, date, month and year that he last saw him. She spoke with joy as if it had only happened hours ago. His small sisters were not sure who he was! They kept staring at him like a stranger. Later own when his dad joined us, her mum asked him to greet her son Daniel*.  And he asked “Daniel, Daniel which Daniel?”

One by one the neighbors strolled in, creating a celebration mood within the compound. No one could believe that Daniel* was back. Besides, they could not believe how big and healthy he was. We later own had a small talk with his family and agreed on few things, one of them being that FIKISHA will continue to support him through his education, while he’ll be visiting them when school closes.

Daniels* little sisters playing in front of their door

After having a cup of tea and mandazi together, we boarded our vehicle back to Nairobi, our heart filled with great joy and peace for the great reunion.

Thank you all for your support and prayers which enabled this to succeed.

Daniel – Not his real name