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Every Tuesday and Friday, we prepare lunch for the street kids/youth after having a short session with them about drug abuse and abandonment. On Sunday we prepare tea and breakfast for them after the worship service. Through your contribution you can be part of this. Share your love with the homeless children by making your contribution during this FIKISHA Sunday.



Incase you missed this one. Here’s a video to all FIKISHA friends who were involved in Night of Hope. It also shows what we are doing at FIKISHA

We received the following inspiring mail from Alyssa Magnusson one of the Co-Founder and Creative Director of FIKISHA, and thought of sharing it with you.
So much of what we do as Christians, and coincidently, FIKISHA workers is to share hope with others. No matter what state we are in, or how much money or food we have (or don’t have) HOPE is the one thing that we can always give. Being hopeless is a terrible feeling, devoid of joy and more importantly, devoid of God. We are working with individuals whose situation does not inspire hope. This very world, sin and evil are all working to take hope away and replace it with sadness, loneliness and a lack of purpose. In helping others, and ourselves, we must be sure to focus our hope IN Christ, not simply having hope FOR something.  In Mark it says to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have- that is why it is our calling to SHARE it with everyone.
THe article I was reading was specifically about how LISTENING (and how we do it) can actually inspire hope within others. Our goal should be to listen just as Christ in us listens. To help them get to a place of disclosure and self discovery through talking, can open their soul to growing. Our work with the Miracle Boys is a challenge, but here are some tips to help be a listener that inspires each individual to find hope and grow.
First, we must be present, available and giving our full attention. But also to be truly present, each must be vulnerable. Prepared to give everything of ourselves to God’s work in the one we are listening to.
Next, we need to ask Christ to fill us with more compassion than judgement. It is important to accept each person as they are now, because we love them and know that it is more important to give them space to grow (your relationship) than to judge them and send them away.
The third tip was – Don’t just “communicate” experience a “communion”. This means truly feel what is behind the words. Have an authentic experience, not just a “mentor session.”
Last was the importance of Patience and consistency. The patience comes from a place of keeping ourselves focused on what the other person may become…how they may grow. Show them you are always going to be there, no matter how hard it is. “Stay focused on the light within, even with the most wretched and despised of humankind” This will bring about trust and, with God’s help, hope.
The writer went on to say that establishing trust, exciting them about life and who they are will infuse each person with hope..he called it “lighting others candles”. He reminded us again to learn from the “Eternal Listener”, God, who is the perfect listener and will never abandon us. The way we listen to others should give them a glimpse of how God relates to us.

“ My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” Bob Hope. That’s why I want to thank several people that we know and others that we doesn’t know, whom over the year have been offering their time and resources to share love to FIKISHA through their support in different ways.

During this Christmas period we summarized your act of kindness by sharing Christ love to FIKISHA family in different ways.  Mother Teresa said ““It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you… yes; it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.”

Below are some of the activities that we have held recently:

From 15th – 19th December 2011: FIKISHA Family comprising of the mentors, volunteers and mentees who are already on school scholarship celebrated the Pre- Christmas Holiday at Mombasa, Kenya.

FIKISHA Family: Mentors, volunteers and mentees who are already on school scholarship

Click here for more picture from Mombasa 🙂

On 21st December 2011:  What a better way to celebrate Christmas than to award and recognize the efforts made by the all the mentors; boys and girl in school; family members and  other people who have played a role in the successes of FIKISHA program.

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On 23rd December 2011, we held a Christmas Party for the Miracle Boys who are still on the streets and on rehabilitation to stop the use of harmful drugs that they are using. It was a time for us to celebrate together with the street boys, the birth of Jesus Christ as a family and body of Christ. Also included were clothes donation and shoe donation and warm and sweet lunch.

– Moses Aboka