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For most people Valentine’s Day is a day to show and celebrate love to their loved ones by creating memories that will last forever.

During this valentine season there was festive mood at FIKISHA among five boys whom were waiting anxiously to join school. This were boys who had known hatred as the only way of survival, they had come to believe that no one loved them. Some of them had faced rejection from their own family members, they had been chased away and denied access to what they knew as home.  Others, were forced to settle on the streets after loosing their parents while others didn’t find any reasons to go back at home if there family members couldn’t provide food, shelter and school fees.

Mentor Mercy Waiyego with the five boys.

They had loosed hope that anything good could come out of their lives, instead they turned to drugs which they said gave them the courage to overcome the cold and dangerous nights on the streets. After spending almost one month at FIKISHA HOUSE –for preparation on how to live without drugs while attending tuition classes – it was time for them to recapture back their dreams and go back to school, and there was no better day to do it than on Valentines Day.

The boys few minutes before going to school.

I have not been a great admirer of Valentines Day, but this particular one, I found a reason to celebrate Gods love that had transformed this boys. It was the best day to share with them the love that they had been searching for so long. There was no greater Valentine gift that they could receive than the opportunity to go back to school.

Asante sana -Thank you very much- , through your generous support love, we have been able to show love towards the boys living in the streets of Kawangware Slums.

David Kangethe before

David Kangethe after

Francis Ogot with his mentee Isaya

There is no surprise more wonderful than the surprise of being loved; it is God’s finger on mans shoulder. – Charles Morgan

Enabled by Christ

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